About me

Zuzanna Ligocka

From an early age I am interested in animals, they have always surrounded me in everyday life. Dogs with whom I grew up were treated as members of our family, so it is natural that I was drawn to the world of cynology.
I started my adventure with Nodi - a spontaneous Yorkshire terrier. It was then 2007 and I entered the world of exhibitions. Thanks to this, I met a great breeder, a friend, Mrs. Joanna Groszek-Szymańska (Asiaczek FCI). It was she who infected me with a unique dog breed - basenji.

Time went on, the exhibitions gained momentum, and so in 2010, the Toi - brindled basenji, from Mrs. Asia's cattery, joined us.

Ofi is a great companion, not only on a daily basis, but also on the road.

Other exhibitions involved traveling around the world and together we saw almost the whole of Europe.
These were amazing moments spent traveling, in the rings, in the car and in the garden, when they and Nodim chased the ball. He also won many titles, such as the inter-champion title, RES CAC at the world exhibition in Helsinki (2014), the championships of Austria, Poland, Slovakia ...

Dog-handling is my passion. I have been dealing with it since the time of the "young presenter", where I was also successful. Currently, it is more than passion. It's a way of life, a break from everyday life. Trainings with dogs, exhibitions, ratings, finals - this is what drives me.

In the meantime, a lovely red-and-white bitch named Goldi joined us. She came to us from Lodz, from the Burudika FCI kennel, Dorota Müller.

The world of dogs has its culmination. Five and a half years of hard work resulted in winning the title of a veterinarian. My special interest in this field is the breeding of dogs and cats with which I am bound by the future.
Dogs are my friends. We are Ofindoro FCI. This is playful bunch of dogs with whom I love to travel, which I love to exhibit and which give me a lot of joy.